The Isle of Jeru (Free Copy)

Hey all, unfortunately my book was not chosen for publication by Kindle Press, however, the good news is you guys get it for FREE today and tomorrow! It’s through Amazon Kindle, just follow the link and grab your copy . Please please, if you could take time and write a review once you read it, I would be sooo grateful. Thank you!


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Final Day Of My Campaign

So, this is it! The last day of my Kindle Scout campaign. Please, please, please, please, nominate The Isle of Jeru. If chosen, you will receive a free ebook, via Kindle. Even if you don’t have a kindle, you can get the app and sign up for a free Amazon account, and read millions of free books from their catalogue!

The Isle of Jeru is a book series, I’m hoping 5 books in total, with Sarah Goodwin as the main character. The characters and inhabitants on Jeru are (mostly) magicals. I struggled over using the “w” word (witch) in the book because I feel like they almost see it as a derogatory term, or a term that has negative connotations from their history, especially living just off the coast of Salem. They use the terms “magicals” and “non-magicals” if it ever comes up.

I am currently writing book 2, tentatively entitled “The Piper’s Dream” in which we delve into more Greek mythology (Pan), as well as children’s stories like the Pied Piper, and Peter Pan. There’s a few other minor mysteries I’m waiting to weave in there. A treasure map of sorts. A upside down backstory/history of a famous villain. It’s coming along very well and I’m excited over it!

I managed to outline book 3, tentatively entitled “Four Cully Birds”.

Now, I must away!

Oh, I was right! Because my book was ending soon I was bumped into the Hot and Trending list! Also, I went on Goodreads and started a discussion and managed to get some nominations from the people there. They are a lot of really great discussion going on there that I learned a lot from. Especially on what people are looking for in books of my genre.


Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

I was like, where is this title from? Oh, Slim Shady, aka, Eminem. I really wanted to go by the pen name Elle M. Enopi. I’ll give you a minute…


My husband dissuaded me on that. Thank you.

Well, the last we spoke it was September, and here we are in October. Apologies. There was a bug going around and I was in a general malaise. I just peeped at my campaign numbers and shuddered. It basically flatlined. I never got into the Hot and Trending, and now with all the new books, The Isle of Jeru is hardly viewable. Im hoping that my last week, I’ll be “re-featured” in the “Ending Soon” and that’ll help me get into the H&T and with more views.

But onto more important things, like grand staircases. The featured image is exactly the staircase I imagined when writing my book. Maybe a tetch more plants and paintings. Isn’t it glorious? A touch spooky and witchy and twirlable.

Alright dear readers, tomorrow I want to touch on familiars and corvids, which is a component in my book. Oh, I love October (even though every year, without fail, no matter that we went through the whole year without getting sick, October manages to punch us in the nose) and I love spooky things, and I love Samhain.

‘Til tomorrow,



As ever, please check out my book, and nominate it if you’re interested. If chosen, you will receive a free kindle copy.

Great, Shiny Plum

I was curious to see if there was a Victorian mansion that matched my idea of the Hubert School For Exceptinal Children. I typed in “purple and gold Victorian mansion” into google and the first image was almost exactly what I had envisioned.

The featured image is a home in Arcata, California and has undergone some exterior renovation. The owners painted it this beautiful plum, witchy color. I absolutely love it. I have to find interiors of how I imagine the grand staircase within the school too. Perhaps tomorrow?

Keep on trucking friends,


As always, if you’re interested in reading the description of the Hubert School on The Isle of Jeru, then just tap on the link and read the excerpt. If you like it, please nominate it. If The Isle of Jeru is chosen for publication by kindle press, then you receive a free copy.


Competitions and Campaigns

Today is Wednesday, which means some kind person in the UK 🇬🇧 will upload the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off on YouTube and I won’t have to wait months before seeing it here in the US 🇺🇸 . It’s a competition but it’s soothing. I even like the new hosts, even though I threw a kicking and screaming tantrum when I heard they were getting rid of Mel and Sue. It’s exactly what I need knowing that I am about to take a nose dive in my campaign page views.

Kindle just added a whole bunch of new books and I am no longer on the front page of “Recently Added”s, but you can still find me easily within the first ten books of Young Adults, Mysteries and Thrillers, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I’m unsure what to do now, aside from throwing money, that I don’t have, to making my books hit the hot and trending. I continually have ~500 pages views a day but I’m anxious to see where that will go tomorrow.

Alright, I have to campaign some more, then make some popcorn and watch some GBBO.



P.S. Also, please give my book a read (first two chapters and the prologue are available) and if you’re interested, nominate my book. You could get a free copy if I’m chosen by Kindle Press. The Isle of Jeru

Appropriate Title Here

Quick stats on my Kindle Scout campaign from yesterday:

Locally- distributed more bookmarks in the surrounding areas.

Workd Wide- forumed, tweeted, tried a $1 boosted Facebook ad. Only because I’ve never tried it before and wanted to see how easy it was (super easy) and I happened to have $1 in my paypal account, which leaves me with a whopping $3.23! By the way, I don’t think the Facebook ad really worked, although it claimed my post reached a lot of people.

This morning’s campaign overview shows that I’ve had 535 page views yesterday, which gives me a total of 2.5k views since the beginning of the campaign. I have 25 days left. My hot and trending… drum roll please… zero! Zero hours on the hot and trending, That is really starting to grate on my nerves. Why the page views but not saves or nominations?

On a strange note, I’ve received several emails from people who claim that they can boost my campaign. One guy said that from my blurb, it looked as if I had a high quality ebook. I chose to stop there and believe him rather than convincing myself it was a scam and someone just wanted to make money off of me. Sometimes it’s just better to be happy than to be right

If you’d like to contribute to my happiness and my rightness, please nominate The Isle of Jeru. All you have to do is sign in with an Amazon account and press the nominate button. More of the same tomorrow.

good night and see toy tomorrow,


The 7 Stages of Kindle Scout

I think there are seven stages to a Kindle Scout campaign. A few days ago, when it was first accepted for the campaign, I was in stage one, Excited Anticipation, and now I’m on the cusp of stage two – Doubt (oh, I don’t think anyone likes it at all. I might be a terrible writer). As I near the middle of the campaign I will most likely go through Anger (why won’t anyone take me to the Hot and Trending List?!?!?!) then Depression, (I suck and the whole entire world sucks, 😭😫) and before my campaign gets closer to the end, I will descend into Apathy (who gives a f??? Certainly I don’t). Then, hopefully the people who’ve been holding out on nominating me will begin and it pushes me to an Upward Turn and finally, the seventh stage: Acceptance.

Why did I put myself through this?? No, Elle, this is the doubt speaking.

Well, on to things I can actually comprehend… yesterday, being my birthday, my family wanted to spend time with me. Why? Don’t you know I’m in the midst of a campaign? They dragged me out for a family day togetherness thing, then we ate cake. So I didn’t even get to check my page or engage on social media, and definitely didn’t get to leave bookmarks. Surprisingly, my page view stats have been at its highest, at 533 page views.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I started doing affirmations a few days ago. My affirmation is simply: I, Elle Emery, am a successful Kindle Press author!

I wonder when I need to slaughter and sacrifice the fattened calf?

By the way, the featured image was taken this morning, as I walked along the coast. I titled it “View of the north Atlantic as seen from Jeru”.

Please help me through my Doubt stage and save a cow by nominating my magically delightful book The Isle of Jeru. It’s totally legit through Amazon. They won’t pester you with ads and emails. You get the book for free if it’s chosen. 😊 Thank you,